Snowbird Environmental Systems and Environmental Systems have been producing air conditioning and refrigeration equipment for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (DOD) and major aerospace, military prime contractors since May of 1992.

Snowbird’s success over the years has been in its design and implementation of air conditioner equipment by maintaining the highest quality standards.

December | 2007
AC Units
Snowbird, ESC in its desire to continue its leadership toward the eventual Ozone friendly refrigerant mandate by January 1st 2010 has developed R134a Ozone friendly ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL UNITS/AIR CONDITIONERS for the US Army, US Navy and other DOD Prime Contractors.

In achieving the above Snowbird has, at this time, designed and developed a 9000, 18000, and 36000 BTU/HR ECU Air Conditioner utilizing R410a and is presently under performance testing at Intertech ETL Courtland NY.
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Vince Ferrigno
Mr. Ferrigno has been involved with the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry over the past forty years and has been servicing the Federal Government on the DOD requirements for that period of time. He is the founder and president of Snowbird Environmental Systems Corporation and Environmental Systems and maintains the daily operation activity within the company on all levels.

Assuring that all products represent the highest level of quality and performance consistent with design requirements.
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